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Chapter II

Meditation Experiences



         When you inhale, you think of the word 'Bud'. When you exhale, you think of the word 'Dho'. You concentrate ONLY your breath in and out with the word 'Bud-Dho', you don't focus strong or intense. You breathe in and breathe out naturally, and slowly be more and more relax. You slowly ignore all sounds or any distraction from outside totally. Focus only on your breath and the word 'Bud-Dho'.           

         While you are meditating, your thoughts arise from time to time. Cut them. Memory and Imagine are big parts of your mind. Many times they are your boss, at the same time you need them, but not at this moment. You don't try to find any reason why you are thinking of these or those. It is a nature of everyone's mind.          

         Now when you feel more relaxed and calm, you notice that thoughts and distraction are slowly quiet down as well. You mind is more stable. At this time your memory and your imagination show their nature in a different way. Vision is another faces of your imagination or your memory. Some strange vision might happen, or beautiful pictures, or horror pictures, etc. you just name them 'Delusion' and cut them.Vision can be true or fault, concerns very much on your purified mind, of which I will explain more later. Up to this moment I have not explained how to purified your mind yet. Every body's mind since we were born, have been covered with these three things called Kilesa. (Kilesa is Greed, Hatred, and Delusion or another words Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, and Unawareness of feeling & action) The degree of these Kilesa in a person depends very much on the person's nature of minds and how he/she has developed them up during his/her time of growing up. Kilesa of each person has a big effect to the result in his/her meditation. You can find more details in 'Meditation Obstacles Section' in Chapter III.          

         Now I would like to explain more of events, of which normally happened while meditating for the new practicers. I mentioned above of the vision, it could be beautiful pictures or frightenable pictures. Some people heard sounds, smelt scents, felt hot or cold, or felt nothing, no breath, body disappeared, etc. Please understand that you are only aware of whatever has happened, and you only observe your reflect feeling at that moment and cut them, then you come back to your breath and 'Bud-Dho' again. You keep on meditating until you feel joyful, calm, and stable. Your thoughts have stopped, but still there and it became a light thought arising sometimes. The thoughts don't distract or disturb you anymore. This level is called 'First Jhana', in Pali Language.(Pali Language is the language that the great Buddha used in his teaching.) At this moment you understand a bit more of the aim of Buddhist meditation. You have practised to reach the real happiness from within. This is a first step to wisdom or to understand his teaching, called 'Dhamma'. To be clear with the step of practice to purify your mind. When you understand and experience joy from meditation, you will also understand that there are much more profound happiness and 'Wisdom' are waiting for you to experiences them.You do not practise to be above other people or not to have more power to control people. You do not practise to harm people or animals, not by action, neither by thought nor by speech. Then the 'Kindness' will appear from within, called 'Metta', it happens by itself from your joyfulness, your wholesome thoughts and actions. Because you have practised this way, you are free from being control, your mind is developing to a purified mind. when you learn more an practise more Wisdom of the Fact of life will be clear to you.Now you are more clear of your mind, your thoughts, as well as your desires. You always aware of your thoughts and your action. You often consider that 'Have I practised to harm people or animails?'  Whether your practice and aim to control over others to force them to fulfil your wish, or to interfere in other people's life and peace. You will not practise to be a murders, a thief nor a crook. Any negative thought will destroy you from within as well. I will explain more in Good Intension, not Wrong Action in Chapter III.This world will be our beautiful world from every one of you. You practise right and purify your mind from within. The future of our beautiful world is in your hands.



        Now you understand clearly of the First Jhana. You carry on practising with your breath and Buddho. You notice that you can sit meditating longer. Because of thought and thinking have stopped, you feel your body sitting or standing straight up and very relaxed. Some people still feel the bodies, some people might not feel the bodies at all. It doesn't matter. Keep doing, you progress to the Second Jhana. Joyfulness fills your mind and you know that your are in deep concentration. The joy and the happiness come from a deep concentration. From these level of the mind has quality of healing people, not a level of the First Jhana. Because of healing concerns to the other people, you have to understand clearly between helping with kindness or interfere to others' peace. You also clear of your joyfulness feeling and your wholesome mind at that moment of the healing. If not, it becomes disturbing and can be dangerous to your people. A person who has trained his/her well in meditation and has this ability to heal people. He/she has to keep his/her mind always with wholesome thoughts, speech and action. If not, he/she will loose his/her ability. He/she has never been higher than the First Jhana again. Please be aware of these facts. What are the Wholesome thoughts, speech and action?

The wholesome thoughts are:-

   - Thoughts free from selfish desire.
   - Thoughts free from hatred, violence, cruelty
   - Thoughts free from disturbing, harm peopleThe      

wholesome speech are:-

Speech that purposely refrain lying, or telling a      lie for    the sake advantage.
- Speech that purposely refrain malice, and that aims to unite the discordant. Speech to encourage the united and finds words that make for harmony.
- Speech that  purposely refrain harsh language and use gentle, loving courteous, dear and agreeable words.
- Speech that purposely refrain frivolous talks, speaking at the right time, in accordance with facts, so that the words used are useful, moderate and full of sense.

  The wholesome action are:-

-  Action purposely refrain killing or taking life.
   -  Action purposely refrain stealing or talking what is not            given.
   -  Action purposely refrain sexual misconduct.

         Now  again you carry on meditating, you notice the joy  fades, a sense of neutrality remains, with both awareness and consciousness producing a physical sensations of pleasure, and so progress to the third Jhana. I called this feeling 'Supreme Serene'. When you are coming to this level you also can think only Bud-Dho and think fast. Fast in this sense means your speed ability, do not over force it.You still keep on thinking of only Bud-dho. With the abandonment of pleasure and displeasure, with the disappearance of satisfation and dissatisfaction, progress to the Fourth Jhana, where there is no satisfaction or dissatisfaction, where there is neutrality and indifference, and there is only awareness, which is the pure nature of the mind. At the Fourth Jhana, some people felt as standing in space, some people saw the bright light, or felt as everything were stopping, etc. It was a great neutrality feeling ever.Now you understand that practise meditation is not just sitting and concentrating, but your wholesome thoughts, speech, and actions are counted as well. Every step of your practice leads to something much greater, of which I will explain more in the next cheater.

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