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Chapter III

Obstacle & To Improve

Desire is a big obstacle of all. When you come to meditate, you will learn to make yourself free. Free from your past, free from your future. To be free from your memory and free from your imagine. Though you have tried, but your desire will generate  your expectation. The expectation of reaching this stage or that stage, or to obtain something obviously differents, etc., will stop your progress. So you just simply tell yourseft to cut that thought. You'll stay at present, stay at this moment. Be aware only of your action and be aware of your mind of this moment. If you are meditating, you will be aware of your breath and the word 'Bhuddo'. The idea of using the word 'Bhuddo' as a mantra, is to keep your thought being busy with one action. The memories and the imaginations are used to follow the past and to create the future of not yet happenl. It might not happen at all. For mantra, it can be any word. Once you decide to use any word, you will stay with that word.

 Now you understand that you simply practise daily from 15 minutes each session and slowly increase 5 more minutes until up to 1 hour. Learning by experiencing each time you have practised, with out any expectation. Only understand it when it comes along. The best practice is; changing your action between walking & sitting meditation. Walking will help to calm down your mind, and then carry on with sitting meditation.

    Sometime thing that looks irrelevant, but in reality it is connected. It is called the basic type of mind. The Buddha explained the intrinsic nature of a person; characteristic behaviour, or temperament in this way. The advantage of understanding yourself is to help accepting  yourself as your are, as well as the others. As it is just a nature of being. To be aware that all type of minds, has it's weakness and strong part. It always can be improved to a better by practice.

     The intrinsic nature of a person, or characteristic behaviour or temperament is called Carita*, means a type of mind, of which has made a person different in meditation practice. The Buddha had classified this innate nature of a person into 6 types of minds. Of which, it has affected his/her mediation pratice in general and more in the progress level.

A Type of Mind

1. Raga Carita
One whose habit is passion, passionate behaviour, the lustful-natured or of lustful nature. It is a person who is very much like or loves beautiful things. This type of person to be progress in practice, he/she should learn to see the truth of the changing of all nature. All Things and beings on earth, nothing is immortal. Why do we over attache to things or people, until we loose our happiness while we live.
2. Dosa Carita
A person of hating. He/she should learn to see that every being also wants to be happy. So we will learn to be kind, to be loving & care, we called 'Metta' in Pali Language. To improve our Metta until it becomes ourself by nature.
3. Moha Carita
One of deluded, mislead, ignorant, one whose habit is infatuation, foolish habits, or dull natured. This type of person should stay with a good teacher, who can guide him/her to the right way of practice to be progress in his/her mind development.
4. Saddha Carita
One of faithful, sincere, religious, devout natured of mind. This type of person should also stay with a good teacher, because he/she is faithful, devout and ready to belive. He/she should be guided to develop to believe in rationality, quality of being intelligent, sensibleness.
5. Buddhi Carita
One of intelligent. This type of person is rational and thoughtful by his/her nature. He/She will practise and make progress.

Vitakka Carita

One of speculative, discursive, ruminating narture. This type of person should practice by staying with breath, or focus on one thing, and stay with that practice of which he/she has chosen. Do not keep changing the way of his/her practice.


          Some people can do well from beginning and make progress in their meditation practice, but some don't seem so easy........Why ?

          There are numbers of causes that have effected your practice. The main cause is the nature of the person's mind. Every one's mind consists of the three parts, a happy feeling, an unhappy feeling and a not happy or not unhappy feeling. These feelings are varied according to their desires.

         Let's take a closed look to a happy feeling, how far it could grab and draw away one's mind. Suppose we like trees, then we think of buying some plants and plan to make a nice beautiful garden. Then the idea comes along. It must be a perfect garden with just a set of tea table for two persons, or 4 chairs might be better. Now we need more big trees to give shadow. Of cause, we want to have our private pleasure evening time, not always have guests. But we still hear an unpleasant noises all around. So if only we have a bigger garden, or a little forest might be wonderful.

         You see, how a small happy feeling with a little desire one step at a time can be brought to a bigger things. It could be very big, if you didn't realise when you would stop it.. Here comes the word 'Greed'.

         It is the same way as how 'Hatred' can be built up by a little unhappy feeling with the supported of desires. When our dislike are getting bigger and bigger, then it is built up to Hatred.

         It is also the same systematic of the not happy feeling or not unhappy feeling, it could be built up to a feeling that we don't know what we want, and grow up to totally confused, then comes the word 'Delusion'.

        Therefore the Buddha classified a Root of action into these three feelings in people's mind, Greed - Hatred - Delusion. In other words, Greed, Hatred & Delusion are parts of every one's mind. All of our actions are come from our minds. To make it easy to visualise

The Wholesome Roots
Roots of Good Actions

Non-Greed   Means you are Generosity, generous act, unselfish deed, unselfishness, willingness to give, open handedness.

Non-Hatred  Means you are Loving & Care, Metta, kind to people and all beings.

Non-Delusion Wisdom, means you are rational, thoughtful, understanding to the fact of nature.


         The nature of life, a person was born with Greed, Hatred and Delusion in every one's mind. Some one has more Greed than Hatred, or some one had Hatred more than Greed. This combination of Greed or Hatred are made his/her type of Mind, we have talked before in the Carita of people. Greed is generated from like feeling or happy feeling. As well as Hatred is generated from dislike feeling or unhappy feeling. Delusion is also generated from Not like nor Not dislike. Another words it is generated from Not Happy or Not Unhappy.

        A person who is his/her heart full of like feeling, of cause he/she knows exactly what he like. In gerneral by his/her nature of mind, he/she is always looking for thing he/she likes. So he/she can spot his/her way to go for right away.

         It is the same way as a person who is his/her heart full of dislike feeling. He/she can spot it right away when he/she comes closed to the things he/she doesn't like it.

        Therefore this two type of minds Greed and Hatred, they know exactly what they want. It is different for the Delusion mind. By his/her nature, he/she does not know exactly what he/she likes. In general he/she is a nice and easy person, can accept everythings when it is offered to. The Buddha said, 'Majority of human being on earth is Delusion type of mind'. The bigger delusion in anyone's mind is, the bigger Fear in the mind will be as well.

        Now we are clearer of ourselves, we can practice to correct them. As well as ourminds can be improved to the better minds by practising. Meditation practice is not only bring joys, true happiness, but also kind, generous mind and best of all is 'wisdom'. The clear understanding of the nature of earth where we live in our everyday lives. To share the earth in peace and unity.

*Carita Pali Language, means a type of mind of which has made a person.



To Improve the Mind


       As we learn from the explanation of the obstacles that the main part is the mind itself. Generous, kind mind and willingness to give, or is called in Buddhist 'Metta' is a quality mind to a better meditation practice. That is why we learn to be aware of our minds. We know every feeling that has occured in our minds at the moment, happy feeling, unhappy feeling, or neutral feeling. We understand that it is just a nature of everyone's mind. It happends and goes away, Nothing on Earth stays Forever. The feeling that has occured in the mind, is also one of this nature. Why do we over attached to our temporary feeling? Something which is nonpermanent, to make us sometime harm the others, just to fullfill our impermanent feelings. Now we understand how this feeling works within, then cut and let go the feeling. Stay in neutrality and come back to the word 'Bud-Dho'....'Bud-Dho'... And also let yourself slowly relex more and more. Let the true good nature of your mind appear to you, without any expectation. It is as simple as just let it happen, feel it and understand it. If sometime you feel that it is not clear Why, you'll simply carry on your practice. Once your level of your practice (**) is equal to your quality of your kind mind, it is will be clear and out of question to you. This is called 'Wisdom'.

** Explained in Chapter IV in Steps to Peacefulness


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